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How It Works

Are You Spending Too Much Time Creating Content For Your Business Instead Of Running Your Business?


In order to be relevant and cutting edge, your organization needs to create top-notch content in order to connect and keep in touch with existing customers and convert new customers. If you want to continue to grow at a steady pace, quality content can help you. But you know that creating excellent content in the form of emails, newsletters, blogs, social media, advertisements and more, is a full-time job and you have that thing called your business to run.  

Hiring Freelancers Can Be Time Consuming - And Who Knows If The Content Is Even Any Good?

Recruiting service providers is a full-time job itself. Then training and managing them... Ugh! Once you get them on board, you will likely have to edit their work, find and license the right images that go with the content and then, of course, publish everything everywhere. Another full-time job. How many are we up to now? And you still have to run that thing called your business.


Communicate. Connect. Convert.

That’s the goal and the solution that Content Conversion Marketing provides. Your company has a voice and that voice needs to be in all of your outreach. You need the impact of stories, successes, and solutions that educate and appeal to your customer on an emotional level. They must trust you.
Creating engaging content takes research, focus, great headlines, and excellent writing. When to deliver that content takes strategy too, which is another piece of the puzzle.
So how do you do all you need to do when you are also running your business?
You don’t have to, because we will.
With Content Conversion Marketing, you receive high-quality content that fulfills your needs. Content that represents your brand’s voice, recruits and converts new customers and keeps you relevant in a fast-paced business world. Added benefit? You have more time to run your business.

We’ve been writing engaging content that converts for years. Articles, books, interviews, speeches and more. And with your goals as the focus, we’ll create a multi-faceted content plan that answers your needs.

  • Need an educational and engaging blog series about your newest offering? We write that.​
  • Giving a speech at a major conference? We can write that.
  • Need a regular email campaign to your employees that increases engagement and happiness? We write that for you.
  • Is your Newsletter stale or maybe nonexistent? We help with that too.
  • Social Media? We’ve got you covered.​
  • Need a radio or tv commercial written? We have written tons of successful call to action commercial campaigns.​
  • We then research the market, present the best campaign that fits your budget and then we negotiate and place the media for you. We have over 70 combined years in media. We also track campaign success for you in real-time.
  • Need a Webinar? We do it all for you: from writing it to look and feel based on our conversion templates and we even track the results for you.
  • Hosting an event? We help you get people there through a targeted email campaign and then confirm their attendance through a stick follow up once they've committed. And we track everything.​
  • Video? While we don’t produce them for clients yet, we do write the content and provide input into the look and feel. And we can create the outreach that goes with those video campaigns
More Types of Writing That We Do For You






Our process eliminates your content creation headaches. After content is created and approved, we help you launch it: internally, blogs, publications, radio, TV, digital, social media.





Schedule a call to see if we are a good fit to work together.


We talk to you and your staff about your business, your goals and your dreams. We take lots of notes! 


We do all the research and put together a recommended content plan. We present the plan and recommended roll-out calendar.


You sign off on the plan and we get writing.


Once you approve the content, we help you launch it across all relevant channels. 

We then track the results of each campaign.

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